‘VERSATILE & REFINED’ are two words frequently used to describe today’s modern day Australian Stock Horse breed. However today this news entry is more focused on the recent initiative made by the ASHS to preserve the History of the Australian Stock Horse breed. This new initiative offered by the Australian Stock Horse Society is to preserve the breeds historical link and founding horses with special merit prefix …HERITAGE STOCK HORSES (HSH) and WALER HORSES (WH) as many of the breeds original ancestors were predominately the same horses ridden by the Australian Light Horse in WW1. The added prefix will help to preserve and educate breeders and enthusiasts alike about the Heritage of the ASH breed.

All of us at McArthur Farms are pleased to inform you that our available ASH stud STONEBROOK FINNO qualifies for the (HSH) initiative and we offer you access to this successful sires genetics throughout North America via Frozen Semen as distributed from our farm in Alberta, Canada. STONEBROOK FINNO’s pedigree includes such influential heritage lines including LINDSAY (HSH) (IS) who is both an Impact Sire and a Heritage Stock Horse (see above photo) LINDSAY has made his mark as a sire not just a stud. With little research you will note our strong Heritage pedigree continues with our imported breeding mares and existing ASH progeny. At this time we are updating our farms stock to indicate the (HSH) and (WH) influence present in the pedigrees. Our breeding horses include but are not limited to (WH) influence of RADIUM 1918, Bruce 1990, DIMRAY 1938 and (HSH) ABBEY, REALITY and KIRKBY STUD REMEDY to name just a few of the HALL OF FAME impact horses. For more information about this initiative, click here.

ESJ of Eventing Nation wrote about the 19 year old Australian Stock Horse gelding RINGWOULD JAGUAR (ridden by Sonja Johnson) representing Australia at the 2011 WEG games in Kentucky… ‘They are not flashy big warmbloods but they are DUDES and they know it. They love an audience, have big hearts, an amazing jump , and I just love them.’

Horses like JAG are great ambassadors for the versatility of the Australian Stock Horse breed. If you reviewed his pedigree he should have been a handy stock horse bred with a focus on cattle work. But true to the versatility of this breed and its attributes he was also capable of excelling at eventing and he preferred it. Representing AUS worldwide ridden by Sonja Johnson at World Cup events in addition to the honourable achievement of being a silver medal winner in the Beijing Olympics. Although JAG officially retired at 19 years young, he remains a schoolmaster for a 13 year old boy wishing to learn the sport of Eventing. Reports even have Jag taking a few turns around the barrels just for fun, and Sonja is quick to mention ‘that she still can’t catch him in his paddock’. Sonja recently added that she continues to develop and train various breeds of horses but was happy to report that she has another ASH in her stable that she believes is of ‘International Standard’. Look forward to watching the ASH breed as it continue to emerge on the International scene.

ROYALLE HEARTACRE (Royalle Nightingale x Acres Destiny) born 2006, is a lovely example of the performance ability and eye-appeal of the Australian Stock Horse breed. Although the ASHS stud book is closed many quality studs are have influenced the current stud book. ROYALLE HEARTACRE is an example of the influence other breeds have had on the development of the modern day Australian Stock Horse breed. Still early in his show career ROYALLE HEARTACRE’s accolades continue to accumulate. Including but not limited to finalist in the CLONCURRY CHALLENGE and CHAMPION & RESERVE at the ASH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW in overall results (including led and working classes). Owned and managed by Royalle Performance Horse Stud Farm in AUS.