Training Program

We believe a horse needs to start their education in the early years to progress forward. Our approach is a progressive, careful and patient approach to starting young horses better preparing them both physically and mentally for the many years that lie ahead.


Regular handling.


Begin a 10 -20 day combination of halter work involving pressure and release, desensitize to sights and sounds, trailer loading, handling feet and legs, ground manners. Typically, they work indoors in the early stages of a horse’s training and then move to our outdoor ring once their confidence has increased. We aim to produce confident, willing horses with a strong foundation in their flat-work.

18 months

First trip away from the farm for a brief light work with a saddle and bit.
Continue to improve ground work/manners, leading correctly various paces, moving shoulder and hind. Building horses confidence and ability to learn.

2 year olds

30 – 60 days with a qualified outside trainer.

3 year olds

Owners discretion

We look forward to continuing our adventure forward and providing our customers with a horse that best suits their needs. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you soon at McArthur Stud Farm.