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Use this to find the horse that is right for you!!

What DEFINES a horse on the “1-10” temperament scale, and who needs to ride them?

1-4 horse “absorbs the mistakes of the rider”

1 – 2 is TOTALLY, EVERY DAY, ALL DAY BOMBPROOF, Can be difficult to get impulsion from.

3 – 4 is very steady, but will actually hold a canter without urging, but will also never accelerate on his own.3’s and 4s will go without enormous kicking and clucking and encouragement, but are also quite happy to stop and stand quietly at a moment`s notice. They don`t fidget while you mount. They aren`t sharply reactive to deer spooking, birds flying up, flapping plastic garbage bags caught on a bush, sheep, kids on bikes, all those lurking perils, because 1-4 horses don`t see them as hazardous.

5-6 horse is THE perfect horse for the huge majority of riders who compete in most riding disciplines.

5-6 horses TOLERATE (sort of) the mistakes of the rider, a joy to ride, keen to do a job, athletic enough to be successful, not over reactive, not nervous.

7-10 horses, MAGNIFY the mistakes of the rider, Hot , over reactive, can be successful with a guiding hand of a competitive and experienced horsemen.

So, riders who need security, safety, an absence of threat, will want these lower octane horses. Riders who are recovering from illness or injury need these. Riders who are trying to learn how to ride, to sit the gaits without bouncing, need a 3 or 4 to absorb their still awkward efforts.

The riding world is chock a block FULL of riders who clearly SHOULD be on 1-4 “mistake absorbers”, but are perched awkwardly on horses above the levels of their skill or confidence, and THIS situation is THE main reason there is so much “angst” in the world of horses, both for the riders and the horses. Choose your horse wisely and enjoy!